Government strengthening security measures for Universiade

Taipei--The government has been preparing a series of security measures, including to prevent acts of terrorism, to ensure a safe Summer Universiade to be held in Taipei from August 19 to 30, Interior Minister Yeh Jiunn-rong said on Monday.

Speaking at a meeting in which several government agencies gave briefings on security preparations for the games, Yeh said his ministry will coordinate the efforts of national security agencies to safeguard the operations of the Universiade.

A central security command center will be operational when the Universiade Village opens, Yeh said, with the center to be headed by Yeh and National Police Agency Chief Chen Kuo-en serving as its chief executive officer.

As the organizer of the games, Taipei authorities have designed and developed and will implement procedures to ensure security based on International University Sports Federation (FISU) requirements, Yeh said.

The requirements cover access control, security and safety at venues, and coordination with law enforcement and traffic control authorities, he said.

In addition, organizers are strengthening measures to respond to emergencies and to prevent flying drones, improvised explosive devices, and other forms of terrorist attacks, the minister said.

Other organizations giving security briefings at Monday's meeting were the National Police Agency, the National Immigration Agency, and the Taipei City Police Department.

The Summer Universiade, also known as the World University Games, is second only to the Olympic Games in size and is the biggest sports event Taiwan has ever held. A total of 12,000 athletes and officials from 150 countries are expected to participate in the Games.

Source: Overseas Community Affairs Council