Government unveils green energy technology park plan

The Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) today unveiled plans for a green energy technology park in the Shalun area of Tainan City, establishing the foundation of an island-wide innovative industrial ecosystem for green technologies while revitalizing the local economy.

Following MOST's program briefing at today's Cabinet meeting, Premier Lin Chuan said that this initiative is part of the government's five plus two industrial blueprint, which includes the five major innovative industries: green energy technology, an Asian Silicon Valley, biomedicine, intelligent machinery, national defense and aerospace, plus a new agricultural paradigm and a circular economy. Thanks to extensive planning, he said, many of the program details have been worked out, and are backed by with a broad-based consensus. He therefore hopes to see tangible results soon after implementation commences.

The premier stated that the industrial cluster effect paves the way for robust industrial development, with the Shalun area chosen for the initial cluster. This should also revitalize the regional economy, one of the program's original intentions. He added that these efforts will not be limited to Tainan City alone, stating that developmental opportunities will be available to areas throughout Taiwan that are suitable for green energy technology development, especially in the fields of solar and wind power.

According to MOST, the green energy technology park's initial driving force will be two-year solar and four-year wind power projects, with domestic demand spurring job creation.

From a national perspective, the Shalun-area green energy park will become the developmental base for an innovative green technology ecosystem. The park will thus support efforts in energy creation, conservation and storage, as well as system integration capabilities, all of which are key factors in overall industrial development. This strategy is designed to take advantage of industry-R&D synergies, with industrial demand driving R&D capabilities, which will then drive further industrial development, putting Taiwan on track to achieve the government's renewable energy and nuclear-free goals.

Located near the Taiwan High Speed Railway's Tainan Station, the planned green energy technology park will house a joint research and development center as well as a demo site. The R&D center will integrate green energy developmental efforts by domestic academic and research institutions, local governments, state-run enterprises and relevant industries, while the demo site will test and verify R&D center results, the ministry said.

Source: Executive Yuan