Han Kuang military exercises kick off in Taiwan

The 33rd annual Han Kuang exercises kicked off in Taiwan on Monday. As in previous years, the drills are divided into two parts: computer-simulated war games and live-fire exercises.

This year the drills prepare for a potential conflict eight years into the future. That's because China is expected to have three aircraft carriers in service by 2025, as well as stealth fighters and advanced missiles.

The computer war games which began on May 1 will conclude on May 5. The live-fire portion of this year's drills is scheduled to take place from May 22 to 26. They will simulate an amphibious landing attack on the islands of Penghu in the Taiwan Strait.

The Chief of the General Staff of Taiwan's armed forces, Admiral Lee Hsi-ming, presided over the first day of the war games on Monday. Retired US Air Force General Edward A. Rice Jr. and a delegation were also on hand to observe the drills.

Monday's exercises involved computer simulations to test the effectiveness of Taiwan's military hardware in fending off a Chinese attack on Taiwan.

Source: Radio Taiwan International