Health ministry to set up long-term care unit: minister

The Ministry of Health and Welfare is planning to set up a long-term care department to push forward the government's long-term care program, Health Minister Lin Tzou-yien (???) said Tuesday.

Lin revealed the plan when touring a pilot facility for the government's long-term care plan in Yilan County to learn about the county's home-based long-term care program and its implementation.

Since the long-term care plan officially went into effect on Nov. 1, 2016, the country's 22 city and county governments have introduced their own approaches to carrying out and promoting the plan.

To better coordinate the program, the ministry plans to set up a government agency dedicated to long-term care by integrating units within health ministry departments involved in the service.

The departments that could be affected are in the Social and Family Affairs Administration, Department of Nursing and Health Care, Department of Social Insurance, National Health Insurance Administration, Health Promotion Administration and the Department of Information Management, according to Lin.

Lin said Premier Lin Chuan (??) has not given his nod to the new unit plan but appeared to be supportive of the policy direction.

He also said the ministry has asked city and county governments around Taiwan to submit their ideas for models of community-based long-term care.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel