Hot weather expected for Taiwan Wednesday

Taiwan will be bathed in sunlight Wednesday with temperatures rising to between 30 and 34 degrees Celsius countrywide during the day, the Central Weather Bureau (CWB) forecast.

The bureau said the unseasonably warm weather, expected to last until Oct. 28, is the result of a powerful high air pressure system over the Western Pacific Ocean.

The high in the north could surge to 34 degrees, the CWB forecast, advising people to increase their water intake and take precautions against ultraviolet radiation.

Though the weather was likely to be hot and muggy during daytime hours, the bureau said temperatures in early morning and late evening hours could drop to 25 to 27 degrees, making things "more comfortable."

The CWB said there was little chance of rain in Taiwan on Wednesday except for possible occasional showers in mountainous areas due to the relative lack of moisture in the air.

According to the bureau, the heat will not ease up until Oct. 29, when northeasterly winds begin to pick up and drive daytime temperatures in northern and northeastern Taiwan down 7 degrees.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel