Hot weather throughout Taiwan on Wednesday: CWB

Taipei--The weather will be hot throughout Taiwan and its outlying islands on Wednesday, with the mercury expected to climb over 37 degrees Celsius in the greater Taipei area in the north, according to the Central Weather Bureau.

Due to a Pacific high pressure system that has blanketed Taiwan in recent days, daytime highs could hover between 33 and 35 degrees in most parts of the country and reach above 37 degrees in Taipei and neighboring New Taipei, the bureau said.

Chances of afternoon thundershowers are higher than on Tuesday for both mountainous and low-lying areas across the country, the bureau said, urging people to beware of sudden changes in the weather in the afternoon.

The bureau expected the hot weather to continue into early next week, but another powerful storm may be looming on the horizon.

Daniel Wu (???), a former CWB meteorologist who teaches at National Central University, said the Pacific high pressure system off eastern Taiwan that has brought hot weather to Taiwan could veer north next week, and a depression east of the Philippines could develop into a tropical disturbance and strengthen into a tropical storm.

Meanwhile, high levels of ultraviolet radiation are expected around noon across the country on Wednesday, and people should take precautions against sunburn and stay hydrated while outdoors, the bureau said.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel