Improvement of the big belly, Longjing District water supply station water in the highland construction of the distribution pool 2 will be activated

In recent years, the Taichung Dadu and Longjing areas have been booming with the business circle of Donghai University, and the continuous development of the China-Taiwan Taichung Base and the Precision Park has continued to grow. The industry and population have continued to grow. The demand for water has increased year by year, and the existing water supply equipment has been unable to meet the future. The demand for water, plus the big belly and Longjing District itself, is relatively high. It is at the end of the pipeline in the Taichung water supply system. When the typhoon or construction stops or lacks water, there is a risk of re-watering time.

To this end, Taishui Company invested about 780 million yuan to build two water distribution tanks with a capacity of 12,000 cubic meters, update and expand seven pressurized stations, and newly build water supply pipes of about 12.5 kilometers to ensure high areas. The water supply is stable. According to the water company, the related projects have been completed. The Datonggao area south of Taiwan Avenue has been stably supplied by the water pool of the supervision center that has been built and completed. The water stop event in early May this year has already played a role. The time for residents of Dadu and Longjing District to wait for rehydration will be shortened from 6 hours to 1 hour; the Longjingao area to the north of Taiwan Avenue will be deployed by the Pingding Pool in the near future, and the two pools will complement each other. It will greatly improve the water supply stability of Dadu and Longjing areas. The water supply method after water and water re-watering can also be adjusted according to different time periods to provide residents with better water quality.

Source: Ministry of Economic Affairs R.O.C