In response to the seriousness of the African swine fever epidemic, the Ministry of Finance, Mr. Wu Zixin, personally supervised the Taipei customs clearance operation.

In order to implement the instructions of the Dean of the Executive Yuan, "there is no loophole in epidemic prevention." The Minister of Finance of the Ministry of Finance requested the Customs and Excise Department to comprehensively improve the inspection energy, increase the passenger baggage interception rate, and fully support the first-line customs officers of the Taipei customs to carry out epidemic prevention work, and strengthen the inspection of passenger baggage in high-risk areas to avoid causing huge losses to related industries. Losses affect the country's livelihood and cause national security problems. Taipei Guan said that the Vice Minister of the Ministry of Finance Wu Zhengwu from the Heart Rate Department of the Customs and Excise Department, Mr. Xing Yuan, yesterday (16) to Taoyuan International Airport, the second terminal of the customs clearance site to improve the clearance rate of passengers, from 11:00 to 12:00 There were 12 flights and 1,352 people arrived. Due to the large number of passengers passing through the customs during this period, the second time immediately indicated that an inspection line was added, and the customs clearance was adjusted to guide passengers, and efforts were made to improve the prevention of African swine fever. At the same time, it will reduce the impact on passengers' convenience and maintain smooth customs clearance. Due to the constant flow of passengers during the peak period, the on-site customs colleagues did not hesitate to delay the meal time and fully invested in the inspection. The customs further stated that the Central Disaster Response Center of the African Hog Cholers decided to set up three lines of defense at the exit of the empty bridge for entry, the inspection of the Immigration Department of the Ministry of the Interior and the customs clearance line of the Customs and Excise Department to strengthen the peak of the Lunar New Year holiday. Check the baggage of incoming passengers in high-risk areas. In the face of the epidemic, the epidemic prevention work should be fully mobilized. CIQS (Customs, Immigration, Anti-inspection Bureau, Air Traffic Police Bureau) and the relevant units of the airport have established LINE epidemic prevention discussion groups to grasp the latest epidemic situation and share It is recommended that all epidemic prevention be done. Taipei Guan once again called on Chinese people to travel abroad and not to carry animal products that have not been quarantined, especially in China, where the pig swine plague is rampant. Since the virus is currently free of vaccines and drugs, pigs are infected and die. The rate can reach 100%, which will seriously affect the domestic animal husbandry and related industries. The Guan's in-depth and extensive coverage of the media in this epidemic prevention campaign has made the Chinese people feel grateful for the correct understanding of the epidemic and raising awareness of the epidemic prevention. It is also grateful to the Chinese people for their patience and cooperation, waiting for inspections and the human and material resources and efforts of the government agencies to invest in epidemic prevention. , the implementation of epidemic prevention. The epidemic prevention work requires everyone to participate, and it is necessary to achieve "epidemic prevention without loopholes".

Source: Ministry of Finance