Indonesian teen finally gets visa to join family in Taiwan

Jakarta, Indonesian Amanda Erika Anindita, 18, is preparing to leave for Taiwan to reunite with her family after getting past a slew of red tape to obtain the appropriate visa.

"I finally got the resident visa so that I can live with mom and dad in Taiwan," Anindita said with a big smile, as she displayed the dependent relative visa at Taiwan's representative office in Jakarta.

Anindita's mother, who had been living in Taiwan for many years with occasional visits home, is married to Taiwanese Cheng Chi-nan (???) and they had since been trying without success for six months to obtain the necessary documents for Anindita to move to Taiwan as well.

Cheng said the process was beset by many difficulties, mainly because the household registration office in his wife's hometown took a long time to issue the necessary documents.

When those documents were finally received, Cheng said, it was discovered that his wife's name had been misspelled, which again delayed the visa application process.

After six months of red tape, the family finally was able to obtain a visa for Anindita to join her mother and stepfather in Taiwan.

Cheng said some of his Indonesian friends have been forced to give up the idea of bringing their children to Taiwan because the process of applying for a dependent visa is so slow and arduous.

When Anindita arrives in Taiwan, she plans to take Chinese language classes at National Taiwan Normal University, which Cheng said he will fund.

"Daughter, although you are not my biological daughter, I will treat you as my own daughter and pay your college tuition," Cheng said on his Facebook page.

He also expressed gratitude to Taiwan's representative office in Jakarta for its help with the application to bring his family to Taiwan.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel