International College of Surgeons Taiwan Section signs Cooperation Agreements with ICS

Eric Huang, directorgeneral of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Chicago, was invited to the signing ceremony of a cooperation memorandum between International College of Surgeons, Taiwan Section (ICSTW) and International College of Surgeons (ICS) at the Headquarters in Chicago regarding maintaining the Taiwan Medical Hall in the International Museum of Surgical Science on July 12. Max Downham, the Chief Executive Director of ICS, and ChihLung Lin, the Director of ICSTW, signed the cooperation memorandum on behalf of both parties, and DirectorGeneral Eric Huang was at the ceremony as witness. The ceremony was simple but solemn.

The International Museum of Surgical Science mainly introduces the evolution of surgical science, preserves important medical relics and arts, and is a museum with educational function. The International Museum of Surgical Science locates at a prime location in downtown Chicago, and the number of visitors in 2018 was close to 40,000. It has been on the positive news reports of mainstream media, such as National Geographic, New York Times, and Times Magazine.

ICSTW has collaborated with International Museum of Surgical Science in establishing the Taiwan Medical Hall since 2012. After the contract extension, this hall is expected to reopen in September. In addition to updating exhibits and adding special medical invention and precious surgical science relics, the Taiwan Medical Hall also establishes an interactive anatomy experience section, which is expected to attract more people and be beneficial for promoting Taiwans leading medical technologies and sharing the contributions of Taiwan in international humanitarian aids.

Source: NGO