Justice ministry rejects proposal to ban China’s national flag

Taipei-The Ministry of Justice has rejected a proposal to enact a law against public displays of China's national flag, saying that such a move would be unconstitutional as it would suppress freedom of speech.

The proposal was raised Sept. 27, 2017 on the National Development Council's public policy platform, which invites people to contribute ideas aimed at making Taiwan a better nation.

In less than a month after the proposal was made, it received more than 5,000 public endorsements, passing the threshold to gain an official response from the relevant authorities.

The proposal said that Taiwanese have become numb to the dangers of allowing the increasingly frequent displays of the national flag of a country that sees Taiwan as part of its territory.

This lack of awareness would eventually allow China to achieve its goal of annexing Taiwan, the proponents of the ban said.

In response, the Ministry of Justice said that to define displays of China's national flag as a divisive and unlawful action would be equivalent to ruling that "any statement advocating division of the homeland would elicit the most severe punishment."

Such a stance would be counter to the freedoms, including freedom of speech, enshrined in Taiwan's Constitution, the ministry said.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel