LA Times features Taiwan students’ polluted popsicle art

Three students from National Taiwan University of Arts have come up with an eye-catching way to highlight the problem of local water pollution, with a montage of 100 colorful popsicles.

But while the popsicles look attractive, they are replicas of original frozen water samples from a variety of tainted sources. The piece is a graduation work by student artists Hung Yi-chen, Kuo Yi-hui, and Cheng Yu-di.

A piece in the LA Times by Taipei-based writer Ralph Jennings said the students hit on the idea of raising awareness of water pollution by twisting the idea of a clean, refreshing food. They noticed almost black water in a canal behind their university and froze it on a stick. They traveled around the country finding other dirty water samples, sometimes also containing garbage. They researched the exact type of pollution in each source to make up an ingredient list for each polluted popsicle.

Source: Radio Taiwan International