Labor broker sentenced to 5 years in prison for raping caregiver

A Taiwanese man who runs a manpower agency in southern Taiwan’s Kaohsiung has been sentenced to five years in prison for raping an Indonesian caregiver on multiple occasions, the Taiwan Kaohsiung District Court said Thursday.

Huang Wan-shun (???), head of Yi Hsuan International Development Co. (??????), which provided job placement in Taiwan for the woman in December 2010, raped her in 2012 and 2013 while providing brokering services for her, according to the court verdict.

Huang committed the rape by taking advantage of the woman’s need for a job, economic pressures, and the fact that she had no family or friends close by from whom to seek help, the verdict said.

In July 2012, Huang was driving the woman to her new employer’s premises when he stopped at a motel and raped her there. The victim objected verbally and physically to his assault and tried to push him away with her hands, but Huang forced himself on her, according to the verdict.

Two weeks later, Huang raped the woman again at a motel in Tainan, after driving her to the National Immigration Agency’s service station there to register a change in her job location.

In December 2013, he raped the victim yet again at a hotel in Kaohsiung, before driving her to the airport to leave Taiwan, as her employment period was about to expire.

During the assaults, Huang repeatedly threatened the woman by saying things such as “don’t forget that your child is waiting for money in Indonesia,” and “remember that I helped you find a job in Taiwan,” according to the verdict.

Huang, who denied any wrongdoing, was given the five-year prison term on charges of rape. The case can be appealed.

The case only came to light after the Indonesian woman identified Huang during an investigation into other cases of rape by one of her employers and his brother in which she was also the victim.

She was raped by her new employer and his brother, both of whom are also surnamed Huang, when she returned to Taiwan to work in 2014.

The Kaohsiung District Court sentenced the brothers to four years and six months and three years in prison, respectively, on charges of rape in July this year.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel