LGBTQ RIGHTS/Tens of thousands attend Kaohsiung Pride parade highlighting empathy

Tens of thousands of participants marched in the 13th Kaohsiung Pride parade in southern Taiwan on Saturday, calling on society to recognize the desire of LGBTQ people to be understood and belong.

This year’s event, held under the theme “love beyond the physical,” sought to redefine physical attractiveness by urging the public to acknowledge and empathize with LGBTQ people who show off their bodies as a way of expressing love for themselves, according to the organizers.

Draggy Boo Boo, the event’s convener and a local drag queen, said many people claimed to embrace the gay community, but could not stand how some of them dressed in a revealing manner in public.

People should try to respect and understand the gay community, Draggy Boo Boo said, adding that “showing one’s body” does not mean just baring one’s physical body, but also baring one’s inner self to others around them to be understood and accepted.

The reason why LGBTQ people still take to the streets to urge acceptance is because many people still do not understand the needs of the LGBTQ community, such as the needs of transnational same-sex couples and gay couples who wish to adopt children, Draggy Boo Boo said.

One distinctive feature of the Kaohsiung Pride parade is that it is highly thematic, but the solidarity it shows with the LGBTQ community is just as strong as other parades in Taiwan, Draggy Boo Boo added.

Organizers estimated that close to 30,000 people attended this year’s Kaohsiung Pride, which is sponsored by private businesses including Gilead Sciences Taiwan branch, Facharming Clinic, and Rainbow Dream Bar.

The event featured speeches by members of the Taiwan Tongzhi Hotline Association Kaohsiung Office, Taiwan Equality Campaign, Sunshine Queer Center, and Kaohsiung Association for the Promotion of Women’s Rights.


Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel