Li Yongde visited Pingtung Hakka’s living environment to create a marketing period.

Li Yongde, the chairman of the Hakka Committee, went to Zhutian, Wanchao and Donggang in Pingtung County to visit the Hakka culture and industrial living environment. Chairman Li said that in recent years, the cocoa beans planted in Pingtung County won the championship in many international chocolate competitions, and the quality is obvious to all. Therefore, we hope to integrate the central and local departments to help local farmers to win the popularity of Pingtung Kangzhuang Cocoa. It has become a new highlight of the international Hakka agricultural production.

"Pingdong County Cocoa Transportation and Marketing Cooperative" is located in Zhutian Township, Pingtung County. It is the first stop of Li's visit to the program today. In response to the bottleneck facing the industry, Li said that the cocoa beans grown in Pingtung County have With its unique growth environment, the cocoa beans produced in Pingtung have won many World Chocolate Champions in recent years. However, how to increase production and make Pingtung Cocoa a well-known international guest brand still needs to work together.

Chairman Li said that if local farmers and operators have financial needs, the MAC is currently with the Foundation's Credit Guarantee Fund and six cooperative banks (Taiwan Bank, Taiwan SME Bank, Cooperative Treasury Commercial Bank, Taiwan Land Bank, South China Business). The Bank and the First Commercial Bank will work together to promote preferential loans for the development of the Shangzhuang industry, providing a turnover expenditure of up to 5 million yuan and a capital loan of up to 10 million yuan, and fully subsidizing the interest for the first three years of the loan. To help solve the problem of the funds of the guest industry, it is to avoid the farmers and the operators of the guest house from being able to overcome the "first step of success" because of the funding problem.

Immediately afterwards, Chairman Li went to Wanyi Township to visit the progress of various projects, the "Educational Library and Literary Center Planning Plan", the "Wugou Water Hakka Ecological Settlement Project" and the "Wugou Village Resident Works Project" "Dawushanxia. Leisurely Slow Guest House - Wugou Water Traditional Settlement Preservation Research Project"", "Wugou Village Morakot Storm Historical Settlement Environmental Remediation Plan", etc. He said that the current "Romantic Taiwan Three Lines" It has successfully established popularity at home and abroad. The visiting committee hopes to replicate the experience and actively build the Six-Pile Project in the south. It will integrate the Shangzhuang culture and industry in the southern six piles, so that the south of the guest house is good. Water, let more people know.

Source: Hakka Affairs Council