Li Yongde visits the Miaoli area to integrate local creation and create guest highlights

Li Yongde, the chairman of the Hakka Committee, went to Miaoli, Gongguan, Sanyi and Shitan, and visited the Hakka Cultural Key Development Zones today (19) to visit the humanities historical space construction process that the township is currently promoting. Li said that Miaoli It is a multi-city rich in history and culture. It is hoped that through the "Romantic Taiwan Three-Line Project", the resources of various special attractions will be integrated and connected to promote local creation, and Miaoli will become a highlight of the guest house, and it will become a highlight of Taiwan tourism.

On the morning of the 19th, Chairman Li's entourage, Ms. Zong's person in charge, experts and scholars went to the site of the Miaoli County's historic building Miao Li Xie's Chen Liutang and found that many buildings were seriously damaged. It is said that Tian Xin Xie's Ancestral Hall is a witness to the important architectural history of the second immigration of Tingzhou to Miaoli. Although the passenger committee subsidized the protection of the scaffolding project 8 years ago, it was impossible to further repair due to the occupation of the user at that time. Therefore, after the judicial settlement last year accounted for user problems, the passenger committee will start to repair it all this year and do its utmost to preserve the historical and cultural buildings of the guest house.

Immediately afterwards, Chairman Li went to Miaoli City, the former Taiwan Provincial Grain Bureau Miaoli Warehouse, and the Miaoli Railway Village Dormitory Group, and discussed with the Miaoli County Municipal Government and experts and scholars how to locate the city center. The two historic buildings were restored and rebuilt, which led to local creation. He mentioned that the current Miaoli County government has a town heart plan, but the core concept of the town heart must be creation because it is created. It will be closely integrated with the local humanities and industry to prevent the local and central government from spending money on the mosquito museum. Therefore, the visiting committee will make detailed planning discussions with the local government to maximize the functions of these elite spots.

In the afternoon, Chairman Li continued to rush to Sanyi and Gongguan Township to participate in two symposiums, to discuss the overall planning of Sanyi woodcarving and public ceramics with local residents, operators and workers, and listened to everyone's opinions. He also promised the visiting committee. Through the "Romantic Taiwan Three-Line Project", we will fully assist the local guest house industry to recover. After the symposium, he will go to Shitan Township's "Japanese-style Zhuangchang Dormitory" and "Shitan Township Xindian Old Street" to explore the subsidy. The implementation of the relevant projects of the Xindian Old Street and the feasibility of repairing and reusing the Zhuangchang dormitory, he said that the visiting committee will do its utmost to assist the development of local guest houses, but the subsidy plan is definitely not a pure "subsidy" but " "Investment", after the promotion of the overall creation of the guest and the party, can attract talents to return to the guest house, and then attract Hakka to return home to work, so that the Hakka cultural industry will be revived.

Source: Hakka Affairs Council