Li Yongde’s chairman attended the opening ceremony of the Lushan Literary Camp, emphasizing that Mino’s good mountains and good waters are more mellow due to literature.

The Chairman of the Hakka Committee, Li Yongde, went to Mino, Kaohsiung today (7) to participate in the opening ceremony of the "Yushan Literature Camp". As a younger son of Mino, Li's chairman has made a sense of enthusiasm for the efforts of the Zhongli and Culture and Education Foundation to cultivate their hometown for so many years. He pointed out that everyone often talks about the beauty of the mountains and the mountains. In fact, many places in Taiwan are good mountains and waters, but the beauty of Mino is that in addition to having good mountains and water, it is also because of the literary nutrients irrigated by Mr. Zhong Lihe. The emotion of creation is recognized by more people, and makes Mino have the temperature of humanity.

Li's chairman recalled that when he graduated from university, he had returned to his hometown's first community newspaper, the Meinen Weekly service, and also participated in the community fundraising process. These painstaking processes are now beautiful memories, like the hard work of the Zhongli and Culture and Education Foundation. Mr. Zhong Lihe is a very important writer in Taiwan. It is a spirit of passing on the fire; Chairman Li said that the literary achievements of Mr. Zhong Tiemin gave us a thumbs up and looked forward to such a literary incense. It can continue to be passed down in the fire of the Shushan Literature Camp.

The theme of "2019 Lushan Literary Camp" is "Literature and Social Movement". The theme of "The 40th Anniversary of the Founding of Zhongli and Memorial Hall and the 30th Anniversary of Zhongli and Culture and Education Foundation" is to extend the ability of the literary movement to the current society. The various topics, based on the establishment of Zhongli and Memorial Hall, explore the creation of guest writer Zhong Lihe, and how to influence the local community and Taiwan society in the literary houses in the Hakka area, so that all circles can understand Zhongli and literature. Continue to keep pace with the times, and the meaning of the development of art and culture in the social pulse.

Since the first day of August 4, 1996, the "Yushan Literature Camp" has been held at the Zhongli and Memorial Hall at the foot of Jianshan. It is the literary circle of Taiwan to commemorate the writer Zhong Lihe and promote it with "Zhong Li and Literature" and "Taiwan Literature". Development of the literary battalion activity of the main axis. Every summer, the camp activities are held under the Minoyama Mountain. The participants are mainly high school and above to the public and friends who are interested in literary creation. In the curriculum planning, I hope to cut into the theme through the individualized explanation of the lecturer, let the students understand and understand the profound thinking and turning of contemporary creators, grasp the pulse of the times, and understand the interactive relationship between "literature and social movement".

Source: Hakka Affairs Council