Majority of public backs reform drive: DPP survey

The majority of the public supports the reform drive by the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP). That's according to the results of a survey carried out by the party released on Friday.

The poll says around 68% of the public believe President Tsai Ing-wen has ambitious goals, and 66% believe the administration takes reform seriously.

The numbers concerning approval of Tsai's performance fall in line with other surveys, with 42% of the public satisfied with the president's performance and 57% supporting her policies. Hsu Chia-ching, DPP deputy secretary-general, said that half of those who are disssatisfied with Tsai disagree with her reform agenda. The other half, Hsu said, believe the party is not pushing the agenda hard enough.

The survey said around 92% of the public believe the administration needs to continue to push for reform on labor rights, and almost 83% believe judicial reforms are essential.

The survey collected 1,153 responses from members of the public and had a confidence level of 95%, with a margin of error of plus or minus 3%.

Source: Radio Taiwan International