Massive drug bust nets 470kg of heroin

Taiwan authorities have announced a massive drug bust. They held a press conference on Wednesday to offer details of the case, which they cracked late last year.

Investigators apprehend two minors in a culvert next to the coastal highway in Pingtung County, southern Taiwan. They've cracked the biggest coastal heroin smuggling case in the country's history. When they unwrap the shipment, they discover 1,204 bricks of heroin, weighing 470kg. It has a street value of about NT$6 billion (nearly US$195 million).

Authorities have arrested ten people in conjunction with the case, including the two minors. They say the smugglers used a boat to transport the drugs from an undisclosed location in Southeast Asia to Taiwan's territorial waters. They then transported it on-shore with the use of scuba divers and rafts.

Premier William Lai told a press conference on Wednesday that drugs have become a national security concern, and are threatening to disrupt civil society. Therefore, he said, the war on drugs has become one of the most important responsibilities of the government.

Authorities say the case was particularly difficult to bust because it required coordination between law enforcement, the coast guard and investigators from the district prosecutor's office.

Source: Rti