Members of fraud group sentenced to 3-4 years in jail

According to the court's statement, a 42-year-old man, surnamed Liu (?), was the leader of the group, which included a 36-year-old man and a 42-year-old woman, both surnamed Chen (?), and a Chinese tour guide surnamed Qu (?).

The 30-year-old tour guide would collect personal identity documents from the members of his tour groups every time he came to Taiwan, claiming it was to help them apply for a free overweight luggage pass and then go with the other members of the fraud group to apply for prepaid phone numbers.

These numbers were later sold to other scam organizations, who used them to call people and swindle them without any fear of the number being traced back to them.

From Jan. 15 to April 2 this year, Qu led five tour groups, stealing the personal information of 105 Chinese nationals and making a total of 623 applications for prepaid numbers.

He received NT$100 (US$3.35) for each number, so he was paid a total of NT$62,300.

The group then sold the numbers to other groups for NT$1,600 each, which were then used to defraud 53 individuals in Taiwan out of a total of NT$7.71 million.

The court found the four individuals guilty of forgery and fraud, with Liu receiving the harshest sentence of four years and six months as leader of the group.

The decision can be appealed.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel