Mercury forecast to fall on Wednesday

Taipei, With a continental cold front moving in, temperatures in Taiwan are likely to fall on Wednesday by as much as six degrees Celsius from a day earlier, according to the Central Weather Bureau (CWB).

The CWB said the cooler weather was already felt early Wednesday morning, with low temperatures in low-lying areas hitting 13.1 degrees in Xinwu District in Taoyuan and 13.8 degrees in Hsinchu.

Highs in the north are forecast to reach 18 degrees, down about 6 degrees from Tuesday, while highs in central Taiwan could range between 23 and 24 degrees, down 2-3 degrees from a day earlier, the CWB said.

Highs in the south could range between 27 and 28 degrees, down about 1 degree from Tuesday, the CWB said.

Temperatures are expected to fall at night, and the mercury could dip to 15 degrees in northern Taiwan, 16 degrees in the central part of the country, and 18 degrees in the south, the CWB added.

With higher moisture, sporadic showers are expected in northern and eastern Taiwan, in particular on Wednesday afternoon, the bureau said.

Such a weather pattern is expected to continue into Friday before the weather warms as the continental cold front fades on Saturday and sunny skies return, the bureau said.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel