Mercury remains high but cooler weather expected over weekend

Temperatures around Taiwan will remain high on Friday as a result of a high pressure system over the Western Pacific Ocean, the Central Weather Bureau said, forecasting a high of 33 degrees Celsius in the north and 31-32 degrees in the east.

The temperature will also reach 33 degrees in other parts of the country according to the Friday morning forecast.

On Saturday, however, the mercury will drop to 25 degrees in northern Taiwan as northeasterly winds pick up, with sporadic rain likely in northern and eastern areas, the bureau said.

Heavy rain or extremely heavy rain can be expected in Yilan and mountainous areas in greater Taipei until Sunday, the bureau said.

Meanwhile, Wu Der-rong (???), a meteorologist and adjunct associate professor of atmospheric sciences at National Central University, said there was a chance a typhoon could form over the Pacific Ocean in early November, but it was unlikely to hit Taiwan.

Citing simulations by super computers at the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts and U.S. National Service, Wu said it was determined that a tropical air disturbance could develop over the sea west of Guam and the Philippines in early November and was likely to become a typhoon.

According to its simulated course, the storm will move westwards toward the Philippines along the southern edge of a Pacific high pressure area before encountering northerly winds from Nov. 1-3, Wu said.

He indicated that there was little chance the storm would impact Taiwan but said further observation was needed.

The expert cited weather statistics to show that historically an average of 2.4 typhoons have formed over the West Pacific Ocean in the month of November and only about 6 percent of those have hit Taiwan, mostly when westerly winds move north. \

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel