Mercury to drop 9 degrees Saturday on first day of long weekend

Taipei--The Tomb Sweeping Day long weekend that starts on Saturday will see temperatures drop by nine degrees Celsius due to the impact of a continental cold air mass, the Central Weather Bureau (CWB) forecast Monday.

The bureau said the cold air mass will arrive on Friday, pushing temperatures down across the nation at night, with areas north of Taichung and northeastern parts of Taiwan seeing brief showers.

The CWB forecast that the temperature in northern Taiwan will be 16 degrees during the daytime on Saturday, a fall of nine degrees from the previous day, while the temperature in other areas will be about 20-22 degrees.

Most of central and southern Taiwan will see the mercury drop 6-7 degrees on Saturday, though the temperature will drop nine degrees in Pingtung and five degrees in Hualien and Taitung.

The dip in temperature will be more obvious in northern and northeastern Taiwan, with a low of around 13 degrees, compared with 16-18 degrees in other areas.

The CWB also said that due to the weakening of a cold air mass that arrived last weekend, the temperature is expected to climb on Monday, with 22-23 degrees forecast in north and eastern Taiwan and 23-27 degrees in central and southern areas.

The weather will be warm and balmy until Friday, the bureau forecast.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel