Mercury to drop below 20 degrees C. in northern Taiwan this week

Temperatures could plunge to below 20 degrees Celsius in northern and northeastern Taiwan this week as seasonal northeasterly winds bring a new wave of cold air to the island, the Central Weather Bureau (CWB) forecast on Monday.

Those winds are currently waning after a temperature of 20.5 degrees was recorded in Tamsui, New Taipei in the north and 21.3 degrees in Wuqi, Taichung in central Taiwan during the early hours of Monday, the bureau said.

Daytime temperatures could climb to 28 degrees in northern areas and to more than 30 degrees in central and southern areas, the CWB forecast.

However, a new wave of cold air will move into Taiwan late Monday and turn the weather cooler again, the bureau said, predicting that the mercury could drop to below 20 degrees during night time and early morning from Tuesday to Thursday.

As northeasterly winds pick up, there will also be occasional showers around Taiwan from Monday night to Thursday, the bureau forecast.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel