Miaoli senior recognized for 39 years of charitable work

Taipei, Chen Sung-sheng (???), an 84-year old man who has donated rice to disadvantaged families in Miaoli County for 39 years, was recently recognized for his charitable work.

Accepting a certificate of appreciation from the county government recognizing his father's years of selfless work, Chen Han-chang (???) said: "My father has made charitable donations for more than three decades," adding that Chen senior plans to continue giving back to society as long as he is able.

Chen Han-chang said his father grew up in a poor household where there was barely enough food to eat and they had to rely on relatives and local charity groups to survive.

"Growing up, grandma always reminded my father to give back to society," Chen added.

Since 1980, the Chen family has donated hundreds of thousands of kilograms of rice to help disadvantaged families through local charity groups and community service centers.

"Even though my grandma passed away in 2005, the donations have continued to this day," he said.

Having endured hardship and poverty as a child, Chen senior lives a frugal lifestyle, using the money he saves to help those in need, according to his son.

"My father believes the best way to honor the memory of his mother is to give back to society and he has promised to do so as long as he can," the son said.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel