Minister visits Kaohsiung for regional revitalization of Hakka settlements

Hakka Affairs Council (HAC) Minister Lee Yungde visited Kaohsiungs Jiasian District on July 29 to survey the overall environment of Hakka settlements. Minister Lee stated that, through the regional integration of the government project Beautiful Liudui, Jiasians abundant tourism resources can stimulate the revitalization of adjacent communities.

Lee first headed for a tourism factory that processes agricultural products, and attended a briefing about the factorys plans for renovation and construction. Lee noted that HAC fully supports local governments in creating jobs for Hakka villages.

However, after the completion of the factorys infrastructure, instead of merely relying on subsidies from government agencies, the factory can become sustainably operational by adopting the regional revitalization concept which is being promoted by the Executive Yuan, Lee added.

He recommended HACs consultation team for providing Hakka businesses with information and instructions about advertisement campaigns, marketing channels, and product packaging. The combination of local history and industry will maximize the value of their products, driving economic growth that will further attract Hakka youths to return to their hometowns.

After the visit to the factory, Lee went to Jiasian Fossil Museum to examine the progress made by the museums Camphor Cultural Park and related ecological conservation and restoration projects. He had a meeting and exchanged opinions with officials of the Jiasian District Office, members of the Jiasian Community Association, and local residents.

Stating that Jiasian was a key camphorproducing region during the era of Japanese rule, Lee added that the camphor business created a unique industrial culture. He stressed that the museums precious historical and cultural assets should be well protected and preserved so that the significant role of Jiasians hardworking Hakkas in Taiwans industrial camphor history can be more widely known.

Housed by the museum, the fossil collection that includes over 6,000 items is highly valued by HAC. Lee vows to provide the museum with assistance through the Beautiful Liudui project. He expects that visitors will become more familiar with the cultural and natural beauty in Jiasians Hakka villages and that Jiasian will grow into one of the unmissable attractions in southern Taiwan for domestic and international travelers.

Source: Hakka Affairs Council