Ministry of National Defense launches new cybersecurity command

The launch of the Information, Communications and Electronic Force Command under the Ministry of National Defense June 29 marks a historic step in efforts to strengthen Taiwan's cybersecurity capabilities, according to President Tsai Ing-wen.

Tsai said at a plaque-unveiling ceremony for the command that in the information technology age, national defense extends to the realms of digital data and communications. The establishment of this unit demonstrates that the Republic of China (Taiwan) will defend its digital territory with the same unwavering resolve as its sovereign territory, she added.

The command is tasked with ensuring the nation's readiness in cybersecurity as well as researching related developments in electromagnetic technologies. It will work to achieve these goals by fostering cooperation, cultivating talent and promoting innovation in information security.

In terms of collaboration, the command will create a comprehensive national cyber defense force through integrating resources from various branches of the ROC military. It will also draw on expertise from National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology, the MND's primary research and development organization, as well as academic institutions and the private sector.

With regard to resource cultivation, the command will encourage young talents to pursue careers in key related disciplines by raising various incentives. It will also seek to facilitate technological innovation by serving as a platform for academia-industry partnerships and spearheading policymaking in information security.

The launch of the new command is part of wider government efforts to bolster Taiwan's information and electronic security infrastructure. Last August, the Department of Cyber Security was launched under the Executive Yuan to foster the implementation of related systems, promote legislation and administer programs aimed at protecting Taiwan's information technology infrastructure.

Source: Taiwan Today