Ministry of Science and Technology TTA teamed up with local industry, academia and research to advance CES 2020 to fight for 200 million US dollars

In order to lead Taiwan's science and technology to create a new international market, the Ministry of Science and Technology held a press conference on this (16th) day, announcing the process of recruiting CES 2019 Taiwan team from now until August 15th. The Ministry of Science and Technology is expected to recruit 80 teams. The CES exhibition in Las Vegas, USA, January 710, 2020, and the establishment of the Taiwan National Pavilion.

Xu Youjin said: "The Ministry of Science and Technology once again rate 44 Taiwanese technology innovations to advance CES 2019 at the beginning of this year, and set up the Taiwan National Pavilion "Taiwan Tech Star" in the CES startup area "Eureka Park", which has created many achievements and won the European and American manufacturers. Favored, a total of 5.5 billion Taiwan dollars business opportunities. TTA has won the Innovation Award in 8 of the 44 technology startups selected by international organizations and venture capital this year. The number of awards ranks second in the world, second only to France, and participates in the press conference of the CES conference. CES 2019 Unveiled, in the exposure of the international media, is also much better than last year, which is enough to show Taiwan's competitiveness in the technological new ecosphere and the next wave of technology industry. Therefore, we decided to enter CES three times and expand from 44 to 80 teams, encouraging more teams to join hands to brave the world stage and showcase our creative value, and strive for more than 200 million US business opportunities worldwide. "

The Ministry of Science and Technology has issued a heroic post. Advance CES 2020 Taiwan Tech Arena, the global innovation stage

technology department, has led the new technology exhibitions such as CES, VivaTech and Innovfest in Singapore, which will not only enable the new team to open up a broader vision. At the same time, it will attract new ecorelated partners such as technology industry, new teams, accelerators and international venture capital from all over the world. This time, the Ministry of Science and Technology has joined hands with the local authorities to call on the local government's new breeding program to join the Taiwan Tech Arena Taiwan Innovation Center in the development of highquality new ventures in the international market, and look forward to topdown and new cities to focus on new The rise of energy and commitment to creating a friendly environment will allow new creations to take root.

Invited to join the top ten technology fields to join the CES 2020 New Innovation Zone Eureka Park Taiwan National Pavilion

Science and Technology Department will be closed on August 15th, followed by a preliminary domestic selection, and sent to Shibuya Venture Capital for written review, and finally transferred to the US Consumer Technology Association (referred to as CTA) conference, sternly selected 80 scientific and technological innovation soldiers on behalf of Taiwan forward CES 2020. It focuses on the top 10 areas of IoT Internet of Things, Automotive, Blockchain, Smart Healthcare, Robotics and Advanced Manufacturing. It is expected that the final selection team will be announced on September 16th, but please pay close attention to the Taiwan Tech Arena website.

In order to strengthen the strength and media exposure of the Taiwan team, the Ministry of Science and Technology will hold a series of training and marketing activities before January next year, including Boot Camp in October. It is expected to hire Shibuya to assist team briefing skills and oneonone experience. In December, a predeparture press conference will be held in the Ministry of Science and Technology to announce the highlights of the team and technology; on January 6th, it is expected to hold a preshow press conference in Las Vegas, USA with CES Unveiled; Taiwan Pavilion in Eureka Park on January 7th An opening press conference will be held; in addition, the experience of CES 2019 will be continued, and Demo Day will be held after the exhibition in Shibuya.

Source: Ministry of Science and Technology, R.O.C