MOEA delegation forges closer bilateral ties with Indonesia

A delegation to Indonesia organized by the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) has forged closer economic ties between Taiwan and the Southeast Asian country, the Foreign Trade Bureau (BOFT) under the ministry said on Monday.

According to the bureau, the delegation led by Vice Economics Minister Wang Mei-hua (王美花), who was in Indonesia from Dec. 15-17, has reached a preliminary consensus on future bilateral economic cooperation.

The BOFT said that Taiwanese investors have been involved in the Indonesian fishery industry for many years, establishing a good foundation for future cooperation.

As a result, bilateral cooperation in the fishery business could yield notable achievements in the near future, the bureau added.

The visit was undertaken as part of the government’s New Southbound Policy, an initiative promoted by the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) to develop closer ties with business partners in the region, including ASEAN members and India.

The DPP government, which was sworn in on May 20, is striving to diversify investment and trade at a time when there are concerns Taiwan has become too economically dependent on China.

The delegation was comprised of representatives from the BOFT, Industrial Development Bureau, Department of Investment Services, Office of Trade Negotiations of the Executive Yuan, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Health and Welfare, government- sponsored Taiwan External Trade Development Council and Taiyen Biotech Co. (臺鹽實業).

The delegation visited leading figures in the Indonesian government and prominent industries in a bid to deepen Taiwan’s relationships with both public and private sectors in the Southeast Asian country, the BOTF said.

In addition to cooperation in the fishery industry, the bureau said, Taiwan and Indonesia will work together in other agricultural business such as sugar and salt production and irrigation.

Indonesia has sought help from Taiwan in raising livestock, growing corn and rice, the BOFT said.

Chen Cheng-chi (陳正祺), a BOFT spokesman said that both sides will first survey each other’s agricultural sector and then invite interested private investors to take part as a pathway to closer future cooperation in the longer term.

Chen noted that more investment is needed in the field of sugar and salt production, particularly in the improvement of management and marketing as well as a longer timeframe to yield harvests.

Taiwan has also agreed to help Indonesia cultivate technical specialists in industrial development, the BOFT said.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel

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