More charges filed against cat killer

Taipei prosecutors on Friday pressed more charges against Chan Ho-yeung (???), a recently expelled National Taiwan University student, after it was found that the cat he allegedly killed last year was not the only one.

Chan, who is from Macau, has confessed to killing a cat last month as well, in violation of Taiwan's Animal Protection Act, prosecutors said.

In view of the two acts of suspected cat-killing, prosecutors said, they will seek a heavier sentence against Chan.

However, they said, they have dropped the theft charges that were brought against Chan by police.

Prosecutors said they have determined that Chan did not steal a cat called Ban Ban (??) with the intention of keeping it as pet, but rather because he wanted to kill it.

The latest allegations came to light after a restaurant in Taipei posted a message on its Facebook page Aug. 2 asking for help to find its cat Ban Ban and also reported the missing cat to the police.

In their investigation, the police identified Chan as a suspect in the disappearance of the cat, noting that he was had been charged with killing a stray cat known as Big Orange (???), in Taipei last year.

During Chan's trial in mid-August for the killing of Big Orange, he told the court that he was suffering from psychological problems and was unable to control his urge to kill cats.

Amid intense public pressure, including a protest outside the court against Chan's alleged cruelty to animals, National Taiwan University announced Aug. 30 that it had decided to expel him.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel