MOST announces Taiwan’s ‘coolest tech startups’

Taipei, The Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) on Saturday published a list of the 10 "coolest tech startups" in Taiwan in 2017, featuring companies behind some of the best cutting-edge technology in several fields.

The 10 startups listed were Appier, CloudMile Ltd., Gogoro, Health2Sync, iStaging, JARVISH, Maisense Inc., MoBagel Inc., Umbo CV, and Viscovery.

The "coolest tech startups" in Taiwan were chosen in a three-stage process that started with 22 judges looking at a longlist of 122 companies, Deputy Minister of Science and Technology Hsu Yu-chin (???) said at a press conference.

Five of the companies on the final list -- Appier, Gogoro, JARVISH, Umbo CV, and Viscovery -- are either involved in developing artificial intelligence (AI) solutions or incorporating AI into their existing products, he said.

Meanwhile, Cloud Mile Ltd. and MoBagel Inc. are Internet of Things (IoT) companies, Health2Sync and Maisense Inc. are medical startups, and iStaging is an augmented reality and virtual reality interior design company.

Many of these startups have created a name for themselves, including Gogoro, which has supplied its electric scooters to 60,000 people worldwide, and JARVISH, whose newest smart safety helmets will hit the U.S. and European markets in April, Hsu said.

The startups on the top-10 list have also raised about US$608 million in funding, he said, adding that the figure was a conservative estimate.

These companies are providing unique and cost-effective services and solutions for businesses and individuals to deal with all kinds of challenges, Hsu said.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel