Most new job seekers treated inappropriately in interviews: poll

Taipei, More than 80 percent of new graduates revealed they were asked inappropriate questions while more than 20 percent said they were sexually harassed during one-on-one job interviews, according to a survey conducted by the online job bank Yes 123.

Yes 123 released a survey on "Challenges Facing New Job Seekers and Unemployment Anxiety" on Monday in which 80.6 percent of respondents disclosed that they had been asked about their relationship status, hobbies, plans for marriage or having a family, physical and mental health, star signs and blood type, religion, politics etc.

During such interviews many new job seekers said they were subject to personal criticism, mainly directed at their "educational background, weight, body shape or physical appearance." A further 20.4 percent said that they had encountered "verbal abuse and discrimination."

Young people also complained at the tendency of some interviewers to be inappropriate, particularly female interviewees, with 23.6 percent indicating they experienced verbal or sexual harassment. Such acts included questions about menstrual pain, sexual orientation, physical measurements, height and weight. Sometimes, lewd jokes were involved.

Yes 123 spokesman Yang Zong-bin(???) said whenever first-time job seekers encounter such situations they should express their dissatisfaction and politely decline to answer. One approach is to indicate the inconvenience of discussing those issues, while another is to ask how they relate to the job.

An online questionnaire was sent to members of Yes 123 who graduated, completed military service or were exempted from military service this year, who have had been interviewed.

The survey was conducted July 5-17 and collected 1,290 valid samples. It had a confidence level of 95 percent and a margin of error of plus or minus 2.73 percentage points.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel