Most non-working married women have no plan to seek employment: survey

Taipei--More than 95 percent of working-age, married women in Taiwan who are not working have no intention of entering the job market, mainly because they take care of family, according to a government survey released on Thursday.

Among married women aged 15 to 64 in 2016, those who had a job and those who did not accounted for 2.96 million (57.24 percent) and 2.21 million (42.76 percent), respectively, the survey conducted by the Directorate-General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics shows.

Only 288,000 women (11.07 percent) in the age group who were not studying or working intended to look for a job within three months, of whom 49.16 percent were single, the survey reveals.

Meanwhile, only 4.37 percent of married women in the age group who were not studying or working expressed interest in employment, the survey indicates.

Of the remaining 95.63 percent who had no plans to enter the job market, 46 percent cited household chores and the need to take care of family members, such as children and seniors, according to the survey.

Among women who were not studying, 60,000 aged 15-24 (78.58 percent), 184,000 aged 25-49 (18.86 percent) and 44,000 aged 50-64 (2.83 percent) intended to look for work over the following three months, the survey shows.

Of the remainder who had no plans to look for a job, 36.25 percent of those aged 15-24 said they were receiving training and preparing for exams for civil service or professional licenses; 61.38 percent of those aged 25-49 percent said they needed to take care of family; and 45.88 percent of those aged 50-64 said their financial situation was such that they did not need to work.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel