Most Taiwanese consumers use PCs to shop online: poll

Taipei, A majority of consumers in Taiwan prefer to use PCs over mobile phones when they shop online, a poll released by Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute (MIC) showed Saturday.

Citing the survey, MIC, a market research division of the Taipei-based government sponsored Institute for Information Industry, said that 63.4 percent of polled consumers said they often used PCs to browse on shopping websites online and 69.9 percent of them completed their online transactions using PCs.

The survey found the top reason for these consumers preferring PCs over mobile devices is that the screens of smartphones or tablets are too small (44.9 percent). They also felt it was not easy to manipulate mobile devices to complete online buying (29.8 percent).

In addition, consumers said it is not easy to compare prices when they use mobile devices (27.6 percent), and they thought online vendors fail to provide comprehensive purchasing functions for mobile devices (27.1 percent), the survey showed.

The consumers also said they found information provided by Apps through mobile devices to be annoying (21.5 percent), which is partly why they did not like to do online shopping through smartphones or tablets, the survey indicated.

While the majority of consumers here prefer PCs over mobile devices for online shopping, the survey found that the younger generation still liked to use their smartphones or tablets more than PCs to complete their transactions.

According to the survey, 52.9 percent of consumers in the 18-20 age group often used their smartphones to complete online transactions, while 79.4 percent in the age group preferred to use whatever mobile devices they have.

MIC said the survey collected 1,068 valid samples with a confidence level of 95 percent and a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percentage points.

Meanwhile, another survey conducted by international market information advisory firm comScore, Inc. showed the three most popular online shopping platforms among PC users in Taiwan were momo, yahoo kimo and ruten.

According to comScore, however, PChome, another online shopping site, was the most favored venue by heavy Internet users in Taiwan for online shopping. These users accounted for 90 percent of the platform's page views, while momo is preferred by mobile device users other than PC users.

But comScore did not provide the details about how the survey was conducted, including the number of valid questionnaires or the confidence level.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel