Museum Fantasy Midsummer Night: The Palace Museum Starlight Zoo is a lively show

The National Palace Museum North Campus has been launching the Forbidden City Starlight Zoo from August 3rd to 18:30 to 19:30 on the first floor of the main building and the 210th and 212nd floor of the second floor of the main building. Summer performances. Welcome the people and friends to join the ranks of the Forbidden City Zoo Starlight Parade, and write the animal adventures of the museum's midsummer night!

The Forbidden City pointed out that this series of performances was created by Taiwan's first contemporary drama There is no unique studio drama group for this summer's The Palace Museum Special Exhibition tailored to bring a new interactive drama. The performance was kicked off by the 3.5meterhigh parade Kirin Deer in the outdoor square of the main building, while the The Palace Museum Special Exhibition is currently exhibiting paintings such as Drawing Map and Haizhen Map. The lions and aquarium creatures in the painting seem to be magically transformed into threedimensional puppets, interacting with the friends on the spot and enjoying the magical moments of the museum's fantasy night!

The Forbidden City said that this event is free to open and participate, without prior registration, and every day after 4:30 pm, the Chinese people will visit the main exhibition free of charge with their identity documents, and welcome the public to make more use

Source: National Palace Museum