NCKU to help El Salvador students in wake of diplomatic severance

Taipei, National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), which has four students from El Salvador, said Tuesday that all assistance will be offered to help them continue their studies in Taiwan, despite their government's decision to switch official recognition to China.

Huang Cheng-hung (???), vice president of the university, said his school will do all it can to help them complete their studies by seeking outside financial sources, providing NCKU scholarships or giving them jobs on campus, should they decide to stay.

"Psychologically, they will be affected by the political change. We plan to talk to them, to understand their needs, and to encourage them to focus on their schoolwork," Huang added.

Of NCKU's 822 foreign students, only four are from El Salvador. Two are paying their way through their current programs, while the other two are on Taiwanese scholarships.

Three other Salvadorans have enrolled to be NCKU students in the upcoming semester that begins in September. Huang said he does not know if they have changed their minds in the aftermath of the diplomatic change.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel