New FSC head hopes cross-strait finance meeting will go ahead

Newly appointed Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC) chair Lee Ruey-tsang says that he hopes politics will not enter into a possible upcoming cross-strait finance meeting. The FSC is the nation's highest financial regulatory body.

It remains unclear whether an expected meeting on cross-strait issues concerning banks, securities and insurance will take place. That's because China has pulled the plug on official cross-strait dialogue since the last finance meeting in October last year. Beijing has effectively declared a boycott of the administration of President Tsai Ing-wen that took office in May.

Lee said he hopes that the meeting will proceed as usual.

"It is necessary for Taiwan to have exchanges with other countries on financial issues, especially Asian countries like Singapore. If we discuss financial issues with Mainland China, we will not touch on politics or try to use the opportunity to break the ice on cross-strait relations. It would just be about financial issues. The most important thing is for both sides to respect each other," Lee said.

Source: Radio Taiwan International