New M503 flight route unilaterally changes Taiwan Strait status quo

Taipei-China's one-sided action in establishing new flight routes in the Taiwan Strait has unilaterally changed the status quo in the strait and severely impacted the stability of East Asia, a spokesman for the Presidential Office said Friday.

Presidential Office spokesman Alex Huang (???) said the National Security Council (NSC) met earlier Friday to discuss the impact of China's decision to open the M503 and other connecting routes to northbound commercial flights. They concluded that the move contravenes the 2015 agreement between China and Taiwan that opened the M503 to southbound commercial traffic.

According to Huang, the council found that China's action unilaterally changes the status quo in the Taiwan Strait as well as severely impacting peace and stability in East Asia, causing increased tension in the region.

The NSC is committed to keeping a close watch on the situation and working with involved parties to ensure national and regional security, he said.

Following China's Civil Aviation Administration announcement on Thursday, President Tsai Ing-wen (???) and the Mainland Affairs Council have both spoken out against the unilateral action, which they said undermines cross-strait relations and stability.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel