New North Hakka Yiminye International Carnival grand debut Li Yongde period Hakka spirit inherits the world

In order to promote the spirit of Hakka Yimin's family and defend the people, the guest committee of the Hakka Committee, Li Yongde, went to New Taipei City and Taoyuan City to participate in the ceremony. Chairman Li said that the difference between the "Hakka Yiminye International Cultural Creation Carnival" held in New Taipei City in the present (108) year is that 18 overseas national envoys and students have been invited to participate in the festival. He hopes that everyone can pass through The experience of the event, and then the spirit of the righteous people and the beauty of Hakka culture.

The "New Taipei Hakka Yiminye International Cultural Creation Carnival" festival, which was sponsored by the Hakka Committee and hosted by the Hakka Municipal Bureau of Hakka, was held today at the Hakka Cultural Park in New Taipei City. The site was from Hakka folks in various districts of New Taipei City, Papua New Guinea. Taiwan's business representative offices and other 15 countries' diplomatic envoys in Taiwan and students from 18 overseas countries participated in the event. The ceremony was kicked off by the Chairman of the Board of Directors Li and the mayor of New Taipei City. And led the people to follow the ancient ceremony to pray to the people of the righteous people to pray for Taiwan's national security, good weather, and to protect the Hakka language and culture.

When Chairman Li made a speech, he first thanked Mayor Hou and the city team for their concern and support for Hakka affairs. He also was amazed at the invitation of friends from 18 overseas countries to participate in the Yiminye Cultural Festival. In addition, he also took the words for President Tsai Ing-wen. As a "Hakka Girl", President Cai was very concerned about Hakka affairs and also advocated the spirit of Hakka Yimin. Therefore, he promised to continue to promote Hakka culture and industrial development, so that the Hakka spirit will continue to spread.

Later, in the evening, Li's chairman rushed to Ping Town, Taoyuan City to participate in the ceremonial ceremony of Golden Pigs, Rice and People's Praise 2019 Taoyuan Hakka Yimin Festival, and worshipped the Yimin Lord with the Hakka folks, praying for the Yimin to continue to guard the Hakka folks in Taoyuan.

The visiting committee said that the Hakka Yirenye International Wenchuang Carnival in New Taipei City has been in operation for three days since the 10th, and it is handled in the Hakka Culture Park in the New North City of the Three Gorges District, except for the 10th to 11th Anniversary and the Sacrifice Ceremony. Will continue to perform rehearsal dramas, DIY activities and multi-disciplinary performances, and invite the founder of the Taiwanese paint painting, "Alexander Spray Painting" and "Alexander", who has 18 years of experience in painting, to paint on the spot during the event. Showcase the blue dyed boutiques in the local, guest, and vocational schools. Welcome everyone to come and feel the warm Hakka Yimin Festival culture!

Source: Hakka Affairs Council