Nigerian office in Taiwan awaiting Nigerian relocation order

Taipei-The Nigeria Trade Office in Taipei told CNA Tuesday that it has received orders from Taiwan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs to relocate out of Taipei and is now awaiting instructions from the Nigerian government about where and when to move.

Based on the principle of reciprocity, Taiwan told the Nigeria Trade Office Jan. 2 to move out of Taipei after Taiwan was ordered to move its representative office out of Nigeria's capital of Abuja last December.

According to a source familiar with the issue, if the Nigeria Trade Office is reluctant to move, the Taiwan government could respond by withholding help should the office require assistance or raising the rent on its current space in Xinyi District.

Grace Lo (???), deputy head of the ministry's Department of West Asia and African Affairs, said during a weekly press conference that same day that the Nigerian government is aware that the order to move is based on the principle of reciprocity and has raised no objections on the matter.

Should the Nigeria Trade Office refuse to relocate, MOFA may use its administrative powers to address the issue, Lo added.

Taiwan's representative office in Nigeria officially relocated to Lagos Dec. 8 last year, and began operating Jan. 5 under the name "Taipei Trade Office in Nigeria."

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel