No change to foreign minister posting: Wu

Foreign Minister Joseph Wu says he has heard nothing about a reported change to his posting. His comments came Monday in the legislature's Foreign and National Defense Committee.

Wu was responding to local media reports which said that he was going to return to his former posting as head of the National Security Council. Presidential Office Spokesperson Sidney Lin also said later that there were no changes to the position of foreign minister.

Meanwhile, Wu on Monday also denied local reports which said his chief of staff � Vincent Chao � would be sent overseas as a vice representative or in another high-level position.

Chao rose to fame after netizens lauded his work as an interpreter for President Tsai Ing-wen.

The foreign minister lauded Chao's performance, saying that he would, indeed, be sent to the United States. However, Wu said that Chao would be serving in a lower-level position, not as a vice representative.

Source: Rti