No consensus in 2nd talks between TransAsia management, workers

The management and labor union of disbanding TransAsia Airways failed Wednesday to reach consensus on severance pay and compensation in the second compulsory round of negotiations ordered by the Taipei City government.

After six hours of talks, no conclusion was reached, just as in the first negotiations at the Taipei Department of Labor that took place Dec. 8.

During Wednesday’s talks, a proposal was put forward to offer the laid-off employees an additional 2.4 months of salary in compensation, in addition to their statutory severance pay, said TransAsia Workers’ Union Deputy Executive Director Pang Min-yi (龐閔憶).

However, no consensus was reached on the precise nature of the type of salary in question, Pang said, as it was not yet decided whether it refers to average salary or base pay.

The negotiations were presided over by lawyer Chu Rui-yang (朱瑞揚), who decided after no consensus was reached that a third compulsory round of negotiations will be held Dec. 21.

TransAsia CEO Liu Tung-ming (劉東明), who took part in the talks on behalf of the firm’s management, declined to comment after the meeting.

Pang told reporters that during the meeting, the negotiations revolved around the issue of severance pay, and sank into deadlock many times.

TransAsia Airways, Taiwan’s third-largest carrier, abruptly announced Nov. 22 the closure of the 65-year-old company due to financial woes. Since then, the company’s workers’ union has been struggling for a better severance package than that stipulated in the Labor Standards Act, as well as compensation for the unexpected layoffs.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel

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