Nominations for Judicial Yuan president, vice president approved

The Legislative Yuan formally endorsed Tuesday the nominations of former Grand Justice Hsu Tzong-li (???) and Supreme Court Justice Tsai Chiung-tun (???) as president and vice president of the Judicial Yuan.

Hsu's nomination passed 72-3, while Tsai's nomination cleared 83-2.

Of the total of 113 legislators, 75 voted on Hsu's nomination, while 85 voted on Tsai's.

The opposition Kuomintang, which holds 35 legislative seats, refused to vote on Hsu's nomination, arguing that it is unconstitutional for a former grand justice to serve in the position again.

The president and vice president of the Judicial Yuan serve automatically as grand justices.

After his nomination was approved, Hsu issued a statement in which he expressed his appreciation to President Tsai Ing-wen (???) for nominating him, and to the Legislature for giving its consent.

He also said that public distrust in judges is posing a serious crisis for the judiciary and that there is a need to promote "pragmatic, in-depth and efficient" judicial reform in the country.

He suggested that a future national judicial conference should focus on issues such as upholding the independence of the judiciary, strengthening the function of oral arguments during trials, avoiding contradictory verdicts and reducing the workloads on judges.

In addition, he said, the Judicial Yuan will work to set up a system to strengthen communication between the courts and the public.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel