Northern Taiwan to see rain, cool temperatures until Thursday

Taipei--Northern and eastern Taiwan can expect a wet and chilly day on Tuesday because of a continental cold air mass and rain clouds moving in from southern China, but a weather expert forecast that temperatures should rebound starting Thursday.

According to the Central Weather Bureau, while the chances of rain are high in northern and eastern Taiwan on Tuesday, the weather will remain mostly cloudy in central and southern Taiwan, with only brief showers expected in those areas.

Lows of 13 to 14 degrees are expected in northern and northeastern Taiwan, and lows of 15 to 19 degrees are forecast for central, southern and eastern Taiwan, the bureau said.

Highs on Tuesday should reach 17 degrees in northern Taiwan and Yilan County in northeastern Taiwan and 27 degrees in southern Taiwan and Taitung County in southeastern Taiwan, the bureau said.

According to Wu Der-rong (???), a former chief forecaster at the Central Weather Bureau, the weather will get warmer Thursday through Saturday, with sporadic rain likely in northern and eastern Taiwan and brief local showers expected in central Taiwan during that period.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel