Notorious food vendor expelled from Kaohsiung night market

A food vendor at Kaohsiung's popular Liuhe Night Market who stirred an outcry by charging exorbitant prices is now being banished from the night market.

The landlord has decided to terminate his lease with the notorious vendor early and has demanded that the vendor leave within one week.

The vendor, surnamed Kuo, has come under fire since a customer complained on the internet Monday that he was asked to pay NT$1,680 for a plate of fried mullet milt a day earlier.

The incident sparked widespread outrage among netizens, who have threatened to launch a campaign to boycott the entire night market.

According to Chuang Chi-chang (???), head of the night market's management committee, Kuo has been involved in several disputes with consumers since he began operating there about seven years ago.

Chuang said he advised Kuo to change his ways several times but Kuo did not listen.

Although Kuo will finally be kicked out with the help of public sentiment, the incident has damaged the night market's reputation, he said.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel