NTU expels student cat killer, urges psychiatric treatment

National Taiwan University (NTU) announced Tuesday it has decided to expel one of its students, Chan Ho-yeung (???), because of his abuse and killing of cats, and the school urged Chan to seek psychiatric treatment.

The decision to expel Chan, a native of the Chinese territory of Macau, was made in a meeting of the school's Student Disciplinary Committee, NTU said in a statement.

The university urged Chan to continue to seek psychiatric treatment and said it was willing to provide counseling services to Chan if he made such a request.

"We again express our regret regarding the cat killing incidents," NTU said.

According to the school's regulations, students can be expelled if they violate the Criminal Code and are found guilty by a court, or if their criminal conduct was verified by the university, NTU Chief Secretary Lin Ta-te (???) said.

The committee's decision meant that Chan, who has completed his studies at NTU and was set to graduate this summer, will not be able to obtain a diploma from the university, Lin said.

He added, however, that Chan could still obtain certification or proof of enrollment in classes, if he plans to continue his studies in the future.

NTU's announcement came after it was heavily criticized by Internet users and some members of the public for being too lenient on Chan after the student killed a stray cat known as Big Orange in Taipei last year and for failing to make a swift decision to expel Chan after he killed another cat earlier this month.

After Chan killed Big Orange, NTU gave the student two major demerits and two minor demerits, meaning that he could be expelled if he received one more minor demerit.

Hundreds of protesters gathered outside of the court when Chan went on trial in mid-August for his cat abuse. The trial is still ongoing, and Chan could be subject to up to a year in jail or a fine if he is found guilty.

Chan has argued in court that he suffers from psychological problems and is unable to control his urge to kill cats.

Source: Focus Taiwan