OCAC members breaking rules in China to be removed from posts

Taiwan's Overseas Community Affairs Council (OCAC) says members visiting China will be removed from their posts if they are found to have violated the council's regulations. The OCAC is a Cabinet-level government body.

About a dozen people connected with the OCAC, including former Minister Wu Ying-yi and several honorary members, visited China last month. According to China-based media, at one point during the trip the group discussed Taiwan's unification with the motherland.

The OCAC issued a press release on Monday saying it was regrettable and incomprehensible that some current and former OCAC members insisted on visiting China to attend official events despite being urged not to do so.

OCAC Vice Deputy Minister Roy Leu said on Monday that the OCAC will not tolerate that sort of behavior and will introduce guidelines to regulate people connected with the council.

Meanwhile, the Presidential Office said OCAC members had betrayed the trust of the public. It said that if the violations are found to be true, then it is an insult to their positions.

Source: Radio Taiwan International