Occasional showers around Taiwan Sunday

Taipei-- With a weather front lingering over the Bashi Channel between Taiwan and the Philippines, there will be occasional showers around Taiwan Sunday, with substantial rainfalls in the areas north of central Taiwan and the northeastern part of the island, the Central Weather Bureau (CWB) said.

Rain was expected to be more obvious in the northern coast of Keelung and Yilan County than other areas of the country, the CWB said.

Northeasterly winds will bring cooler weather to the island on Sunday, with the highest temperatures to stand at 25-28 degrees Celsius in the north and the eastern counties of Yilan and Hualien, and 29-30 degrees in the central and southern areas.

The lows will reach 21-22 degrees in the north, Yilan and Hualien, and 23-24 degrees in the central and south, the weather bureau forecast.

On Tuesday when the traditional Dragon Boat Festival will be celebrated, and Wednesday, there will be occasional showers or thundershowers in southern and eastern Taiwan, with the rest of the island to expect brief thundershowers in the afternoon, due to the effects of southwesterly winds, according to the CWB forecast.

Meteorologist Wu Der-rong (???) cited data from the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts as saying that with the front lingering over the Bashi Channel, there will be less moisture in the atmosphere over the western areas of Taiwan on Sunday and Monday than Saturday.

Occasional showers will occur in the eastern parts and the mountainous areas of the island until Tuesday, when the air front will begin to move northwards, triggering showers or thundershowers in the south, Wu said.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel