Ocean Affairs Council to be inaugurated in Kaohsiung April 28

Taipei,The planned Ocean Affairs Council (OAC) under the Executive Yuan will be inaugurated April 28 in Kaohsiung, to be headed by Hwung Hwung-Hweng (???), who currently serves as chairman of the Aviation Safety Council, Cabinet spokesman Hsu Kuo-yung (???) said Tuesday.

Hsu also revealed that the council's two deputies will be Lee Chung-wei (???), who now heads the Coast Guard Administration (CGA), and Chen Yang-yih (???), incumbent vice president of National Sun Yat-sen University.

In accordance with the Organization Act of OCA, the soon-to-be established Cabinet-level council will have three subordinate agencies -- the CGA, the Ocean Conservation Administration and the National Ocean Research Institute, Hsu said.

The main mission of the OAC will be to integrate the planning, coordination and implementation of marine-related policies, including affairs related to coast guard activities, marine conservation and marine research, according to the Organization Act.

Upon its establishment, the OCA will be the first central government agency to be headquartered in the southern port city.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel