Office of the President thanks US Department of State for formally notifying US Congress of sale of F-16V jets to Taiwan

On the afternoon of August 20 US EST, the US Department of State notified the US Congress of the upcoming sale of F-16V (BLK70) fighter jets to Taiwan. The Office of the President expressed gratitude to the US government upon being informed of this decision.

Presidential Office Spokesperson Ting Yun-kung (???) stated that the new F-16V (BLK70) fighter jets the United States has agreed to sell to Taiwan will greatly enhance our air defense capabilities, strengthen our self-defense capabilities, and safeguard the freedom and wellbeing of the Taiwanese people. The Trump administration's decision to make this sale is even more meaningful for security and stability in both the Taiwan Strait and the region as China continues its frequent military maneuvers in these areas.

Spokesperson Ting stated that the Office of the President is deeply grateful for the Trump administration's continued actions as part of its commitment to Taiwan's security as we jointly celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Taiwan Relations Act. These actions demonstrate the close friendship between Taiwan and the United States, he said.

Source: Office of the President, Republic of China (Taiwan)